Building a website to support problem solving by disseminating information to management at clinics (medical and dental) and nursing care providers Toshiya Nonomura, Assistant Manager, Healthcare Business Promotion Div.
Keito Higashibeppu, Chief, Medical LIVES Business Office, Medical Market Planning Div.,Sharp Finance Corporation
Nahoko Tsukayama, Assistant Manager, Healthcare Business Planning Div., Accretive Co., Ltd.

Fuyo Lease Group has been strengthening its sales activities for medical institutions and nursing care providers. Considering the difficult situation of direct access due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, we are building a new website to support medical and nursing care providers in solving their problems by providing information via the web.
Within this initiative, Fuyo Mediwel Support, built by Fuyo General Lease (hereinafter referred to as Fuyo Lease), serves as the gateway to the site group, and guides users as appropriate to each specialized website. This is a mechanism for providing more detailed information at the “Medical and Nursing Care Factoring Service Website” of Accretive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Accretive”) and “Medical LIVES” of Sharp Finance Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Sharp Finance”).

Disseminating information that can help solve problems to clinics (medical and dental) and nursing care providers

To date, the Fuyo Lease Group has positioned medical care and welfare as one of its strategic areas, identified the diverse needs of medical institutions, and developed services that respond to these needs. In particular, the Group has actively approached the management of medical institutions that are the core of community medical care, and has endeavored to grasp their specific needs. However, it is said that direct sales activities are difficult due to COVID-19, and smooth sales activities cannot be carried out on a daily basis.

Is there anything we can do to help in this situation? Our idea was to provide a mechanism to support medical institutions in solving problems by disseminating information via the web.

“Information for large hospitals, such as information on medical fee revisions, is covered by various media and a lot of relevant information has been published. However, hospitals and clinics sometimes think differently, and little information about the management of clinics has been published. Many managers are struggling with solving management problems. Given this environment, we launched the website “Fuyo Mediwel Support” to support healthcare professionals and business owners through the provision of useful information.” (Nonomura)

The Fuyo Lease Group is committed to expanding the “Fuyo Lease Platform Concept,” which combines services that can be provided to meet customer needs and offers a wide range of solutions as a one-stop shop. Building the website under this initiative means putting this platform concept into practice on the web.

Attracting user’s interest with rich content and directing them to specialized sites

“Fuyo Mediwel Support” operated by Fuyo Lease will provide useful management information for medical and dental clinics and nursing homes. Information is posted from time to time in detail covering three industries (medical, dental, and nursing care), four phases (opening, stabilization, business expansion, business succession), and seven categories (finance, real estate, human resources and labor, patient/customer attraction and PR, procedures, laws, equipment, and management). Visitors are free to choose and browse the information they want to learn more about. In addition, as a form of joint content with partners, Fuyo Lease plans to interview companies with expertise in various fields of medical care and nursing care management and disseminate professional and useful information.

In January 2021, Fuyo Lease partnered with CB Holdings Inc., which operates a news site with 340,000 members, providing M&A brokering and resident management support services designed for the medical, nursing, and welfare industries. Above all, the strength of Fuyo Lease is that it can provide knowledge to solve problems as well as provide services. This “Fuyo Mediwel Support” service first gets visiting users interested, and then serves as a guide to each specialized site.

One of the specialist sites, the Accretive “Medical and Nursing Care Factoring Service Website,” introduces factoring services for medical and nursing care providers, disability welfare facilities, and pharmacies. Users can perform tasks such as confirming service information, making simple calculations of procurement costs, and requesting quotes. Users can apply without face-to-face contact at any time by using the dedicated application website “Medicare in”.

“Many people are not familiar with the financial service called factoring. Some people say it’s hard to understand, and some people have the impression that the fees are high. For such people, we have prepared pages for each target and industry/business type that answer questions such as how much you can finance under a given set of conditions, and we show the solutions to each customer concern. We aim to prepare other examples to give customers a better understanding of factoring services.” (Tsukayama)

Based on its standpoint of providing leasing services for many years, Sharp Finance’s “Medical LIVES” is a website that publishes information on products and services handled by clinics, dental clinics, animal hospitals, and pharmacies, as well as information focused on lifestyles and working. While some content provides detailed information for members, most pages are free to view.

“Under the theme of ‘People living with medical connected by raw information,’ in addition to information on products and services handled by Sharp Finance, we will continue to add article content on five themes: rich living, enjoying leisure time, shining organization, living to work, and NextStage. We want to increase our daily contact with customers and make it a site where we can provide added value to customers by having them learn more about Sharp Finance.”

Enhancing our ability to disseminate information on the web and achieving a multi-faceted approach to the real world

By working seamlessly with these three websites, we will enhance our ability to disseminate information on the web and solve problems for customers. As a result, we will realize a multi-faceted approach including integration of real-world and the web, and further expand the Fuyo Lease Group’s platform concept.

“We plan to post about six to eight items of content each month. We also want to offer companies with which we do daily lease business the opportunity to post article advertisements on “Fuyo Mediwel Support.” We want to use the website as one tool to increase the number of partner companies and deepen our relationships. (Nonomura)”

In addition, the team plans to distribute an email magazine and provide information about seminars as ways to interact with customers. The Fuyo Lease Group has embarked on web marketing in earnest. Please keep an eye on the company’s future web strategy!

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