「Fuyo Shared Value 2026」
~Initiatives of the Fuyo Lease Group~

New Medium-term Management Plan
"Fuyo Shared Value 2026"

Achieving sustainable growth by resolving social issues through human growth and dialog while at the same time delivering economic value

Fuyo General Lease DX Strategy
Incorporating digital technology and working to solve social problems


Business Field

The business of Fuyo General Lease Co., Ltd. is constantly changing.
Valuing our leasing know-how and customer trust, we continue to take on the challenge of expanding our business into new areas.

FUYO innovation

Take a look at Fuyo General Lease “Now”, as it continues to take on new challenges that go beyond the traditional framework of leases.
We continue to “Go Where No One Has Gone Before”

Person Strength of Solution Proposal Power

We are improving the comprehensive strength of the Fuyo Group from the perspective of proposing solutions to solve the problems faced by society and customers.

IR Information

About Fuyo Lease Group