Fuyo Lease Group Mission/Vision/Values

Group Mission

Expand business domains and promote further evolution in our relentless attempt to create new value, which in turn contributes to realizing a prosperous society and sustainable growth.

Group Vision

  • The group that anticipates social changes and takes on the challenge of yet unseen issues
  • The group that is trusted by customers and works together to solve social issues
  • The group that grows with employees by supporting the challenges and growth of each employee


Go Where No One Has Gone Before

  • Leasing is not just about lending things. It’s about lending inspiration, intelligence and a sense of wonder.
  • We embrace challenges, because they are the fountain of new business.
  • Meeting expectations is our duty. Exceeding them is our profession.
  • Succeeding is easy when times are good, but true partners are there even in the hard times.
  • We will take the first bold step. We will expand the frontier of leasing.