Products and services

Main Products and Services

Finance leases

A finance lease is a transaction in which a leasing company purchases the machinery and equipment you need on your behalf and leases the property to you for a relatively long period of time at a fixed lease fee. We support our customers with effective capital investment and efficient management through leasing.

Operating leases

An operating lease is a transaction in which a leasing company estimates the used value of the leased property at the end of the lease term in advance as the residual value and sets the lease fee based on the “property value - residual value.” You can reduce your costs by leasing your property based on a fee that reflects its used value.

Installment sales

Under installment sales transactions, a leasing company purchases machinery and equipment selected by the customer on behalf of the customer and sells the equipment to the customer over a long period in installments. We offer installment sales transactions for properties that are not suitable for leases due to tax reasons or when the customer wishes to own the property.
The customer is required to record the assets of the machinery and equipment and to record the depreciation. Ownership is retained by a leasing company until payment of the installment sale price and is ultimately transferred to the customer.

Vendor leases

Fuyo Lease Group’s Sharp Finance (SFC) provides vendor leases that support the sale of office equipment, information equipment, medical equipment, and facilities.
SFC boasts many years of expertise and track record in the field of vendor leasing, and provides strong support to the sales activities of sales companies from its sales bases across the country.

Real Estate

Real Estates leases

This is a transaction in which land is leased under a business land lease right, and the building is owned by the lease company and leased to the customer. Many commercial buildings such as shopping centers and roadside stores, logistics warehouses and nursing care facilities use this type of lease.

Real estate finance

For customers considering the liquidization, acquisition, and development of real estate, we support financing by providing a wide range of financing schemes, including real estate non-recourse loans that only require repayment from the cash flow generated by the real estate.

Energy & Environment

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) service

We lease (free of charge) the customer’s facility roof, recreational area, etc., install a solar power system, operate and manage the system for the contract period, and directly supply the customer with CO2-free green electricity with environmental value.

ESCO Business

The ESCO (Energy Service Company) business provides all the technology, equipment, manpower, and funding necessary for energy savings improvement, and realizes energy savings without compromising the current environment and convenience. As a result, the business enjoys some of the monetary gain from the energy savings (cost reduction effect). Fuyo Lease partners with companies in a variety of fields to provide total support for your energy saving activities as an ESCO operator.

Energy-saving equipment/subsidy leases

In response to your energy saving measures, we will provide a finance scheme centered on a lease and energy saving measures solutions according to your energy usage.

Renewable energy business finance

We are actively developing our business in the renewable energy sector, including by participating in joint ventures. In addition, we offer various financing schemes, including project financing, for business operators.

Photovoltaic power generation business

The Fuyo Lease Group began its renewable energy power generation business in 2012 and currently supplies power from more than 80 solar power plants in Japan.

In addition, in FY2020, we are also participating in domestic wind power projects and renewable energy power generation projects in the United States and Taiwan.

We support our customers in their commercialization by utilizing our experience in large-scale power generation facilities called mega solar plants and small-scale power generation facilities, as well as the know-how we have accumulated from the Group’s power generation business.

Fuyo Renewable Energy 100 Declaration and Support Program

To further promote renewable energy in Japan, Fuyo Lease offers financing programs for companies and organizations that have made the Renewable Energy 100 Declaration. We will raise funds from investors who support efforts to improve the environment through “Green Bonds,” use them to install renewable energy and energy-saving equipment, and aim to promote renewable energy in Japan as a whole.

Fuyo Zero Carbon City Support Program

The Fuyo Lease Group endorses the Zero Carbon City initiative promoted by the Ministry of the Environment and is providing programs to support it. We support customers who install renewable energy and energy-saving equipment in the “Zero Carbon City” area, and promote decarbonization in Japan.


Health care one-stop service

We provide a wide range of solutions that contribute to solving the problems of medical institutions and nursing care providers as a one-stop shop, and we contribute to improving the productivity of medical institutions and nursing care providers.


Aircraft leasing/finance

Since participating in “samurai leasing” for British Airways in 1978, the first such deal in Japan, Fuyo Lease has provided more than 300 aircraft leases.

In 1999, we were the first company in the industry to enter Dublin, Ireland, a key base for the aircraft market. In addition, in 2014, we added ALM, which specializes in aircraft-related services and marketing in the United Kingdom, to the group to further improve our aircraft leasing and financing initiatives.

Japanese-type operating lease (aircraft, ships, containers)

For the Japanese-type operating lease (rental) business, we encourage our customers to participate as investors.

By investing in the Japanese-type operating lease (rental) business, the customer is able to incorporate business profits and losses during the lease term and sell the aircraft at the end of the lease term to look forward to capital gains.

We can offer a wide range of proposals according to the needs of our customers, from schemes that utilize Fuyo Lease’s previous know-how and that utilize cooperatives to schemes that allow customers to directly hold aircraft assets.

Overseas Business

Local and domestic financing

The overseas subsidiaries of Fuyo Lease Group provide financing to customers’ subsidiaries in the same country. We provide services such as leasing, installments, and loans in line with local laws and regulations.

Cross-border finance

Even in countries where Fuyo Lease does not have an overseas subsidiary, we finance customer subsidiaries on a cross-border basis. We provide services such as leasing, installments, and loans in line with local laws and regulations.

Environmental support

We support overseas customers in their decarbonization efforts by providing consulting and supporting the implementation of renewable energy and energy conservation.

Facility relocation support

We provide support for import and export work and provide finance services when customers relocate facilities (Japan ⇔ overseas and overseas ⇔ overseas) with cross-border financing.

Other solutions

We provide consulting and optimal solutions for issues related to customer management, business, and financial strategy.
In addition, when customers expand overseas and enter new businesses, we contribute to the development of overseas business by utilizing the wide range of services of the Fuyo Lease Group, such as joint business, leasing, and finance.

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services

The Fuyo Lease Group provides BPO services to eliminate the chronic shortage of talent in growing companies and help them become more efficient in their operations.

BPO services/Accounting

Our carefully selected accounting staff provide outsourcing for a wide range of accounting tasks. By providing bulk billing services, collection agency services, and other services, we support the streamlining of accounting operations and the rebuilding of operational systems, and contribute to the improvement of management.

BPO services/Personnel

We take on all tasks related to payroll services, including compliance with work rules and law amendments, to help create an environment where customers can focus on productive work.

BPO services/General affairs

We help our customers focus on more productive work by organizing and levelling diverse business content such as equipment management, contract management, mailing collection and delivery, and reception, that is said to be difficult to monitor in terms of who does what and make efficient.

BPO services/Information systems

We provide total support for the development and construction of infrastructure and network environments, and help desks for IT services. You can use our various services from installation to replacement of PCs and other equipment under a bulk contract.

ICT solutions

PC-LCM (Life Cycle Management) services

The PC-LCM (Life Cycle Management) service brings together the services of each company in the group and fully supports your Information Systems division to focus on its core business.

PC rental

This rental system is intended for customers who want to use the latest PCs for a short period of time, or who want to perform off-balance-sheet accounting processing, and who want to reduce the hassle of disposing of used PCs. The rental fee is set in anticipation of the second-hand value of the property at the end of the rental period, thus achieving a lower cost than leasing. In addition, after use, you can save the hassle of disposing of the property by simply returning the property to Fuyo Lease.

PC Eco & Value Lease

PC Eco & Value Lease is a finance lease that delivers “economy” for customers and “ecology” for the environment. You get the price benefit of setting a lease fee based on the value of your property after the end of the lease. In addition, properties returned after use can contribute to the construction of a circular society by reusing them rather than disposing of them.

ICT rental

This rental system is for customers who wish to install ICT equipment (servers, data storage, network equipment, etc.) off-balance-sheet. ICT equipment that is expensive to install can be recorded off-balance-sheet. Since the monthly rental fee can be recorded as an expense, ICT equipment can be installed with simple processing.

IT outsourcing

We offer full or partial outsourcing of in-house system operations when the customer's systems division does not consider that work the best use of its time.

Information security measures

We offer products that are suitable for information leakage countermeasures in working from home, and products that protect against advanced and diversified cyberattacks.

SIer sales support (for sales operators)

We support the sales activities of SIers who provide system development and various ICT services (subscription, recurring, etc.) from the aspect of finance.

DX (Digital Transformation)

As DX certified operators, Fuyo Lease Group supports you in all aspects of DX promotion, both software and hardware.


Auto lease

An auto lease is a high-value-added lease transaction that enables you to outsource complex management tasks such as taxes, insurance, and maintenance that occur when you purchase a car, in addition to the benefits of a finance lease. Auto leases are handled separately by the group company Fuyo Auto Lease, which provides total support for car-related tasks, from vehicle procurement to payment of taxes and insurance, maintenance, inspection and servicing, and vehicle disposal after the end of the lease.

EV one-stop service

In addition to finance, we provide services related to EV introduction as a one-stop shop, from consulting for the introduction of electric vehicles (EVs) and chargers to energy management.

Support for the introduction of self-driving vehicles

We help you deploy self-driving vehicles with one-stop support, enabling you to solve social challenges and revitalize regions with cutting-edge mobility.

Management support services

Through the various services provided by Yamato Lease of the Fuyo Lease Group, we help to solve the management problems of transportation operators such as vehicle procurement, business succession, and work environment improvement.

Logistics and material handling solutions

We provide solutions that lead to the rebuilding of customer supply chains and automation and labor saving in logistics warehouses.

Overseas mobility

We offer mobility related services through Pacific Rim Capital, Inc. (USA), TDF Group Inc. (Canada), and PLIC Corp., Ltd. (Thailand). Going forward, we will continue to expand our overseas mobility business.

Truck lease

Yamato Lease of the Fuyo Lease Group supports customers in their vehicle procurement with a wealth of knowledge and know-how. A lease allows you to deploy the vehicle you want without requiring significant initial investment.

Circular Economy

Used asset purchase service

Drawing on the know-how gained over the years in disposing of leased properties, we provide a “second-hand asset purchase service” that purchases unnecessary equipment and unused assets owned by customers. Customers can contribute to the creation of a circular society through reuse, as well as reducing costs by receiving sales proceeds and reducing disposal costs. (Service delivery: FGL Circular Network.)

Used computers purchasing service

We buy used computers. The purchased computers are mainly collected at the Tokyo 3R Center, which operates in-house, and are reused after data erasure and cleaning.

In addition, computers that cannot be reused are separated into parts and materials to promote recycling.
Fuyo Lease sales aims to realize a circular economy by promoting “product lifetime extension” and “recycling.” (Service delivery: FGL Circular Network.)

Total support for disposal of residual items during office relocation

We provide total support for the disposal of fixtures and equipment when customers move office. We sort unnecessary fixtures into reusable items and waste, and help customers reduce costs and contribute to building a circular society by purchasing reusable items and reducing waste.
In addition, since we can advise on general disposal, we reduce the burden on the customer by offering a one-stop shop. (Service delivery: FGL Circular Network.)

Cloud services

IAS 16 compliant solutions

By introducing FLOW Cube+, a cloud-based comprehensive asset management service provided by Fuyo Lease, we are able to meet the challenges of “IAS 16 (Tangible Fixed Assets)” under IFRS. “FLOW Cube+” is a cloud-based comprehensive asset management service that adds the functionality of “(fixed asset/lease) accounting” to FLOW Cube, which specializes in “physical assets.”
By centrally managing “physical assets” and “accounting,” it becomes possible to accurately and simply carry out the complicated fixed asset management business.

IFRS 16 compliant solutions

We exchange information with a number of IFRS-applicable companies and audit firms through our lease and fixed asset management cloud services, and provide support to companies in their efforts to comply with IFRS 16.
It is a cloud-based solution that is easy to use in “many countries and regions” and “many group companies,” as required by IFRS, so it can be deployed quickly.

Transaction information provision service (FLOW)

We provide a web service for the purpose of providing data on transactions with Fuyo Lease.

Comprehensive accounting and asset management service (FLOW Cube+)

FLOW Cube+ is a cloud-based comprehensive asset management service that consists of FLOW Cube for the “Physical asset management” function and ALCAM for the “Fixed Asset and Lease Accounting” function. We provide services that enable the “creation and reporting of realistic financial statements” while keeping company effort and costs low.