Message from the President

We will expand business domains and promote further evolution in our relentless attempt to create new value, which in turn contributes to realizing a prosperous society and sustainable growth.

~Creating Shared Value (CSV) / resolving social issues while at the same time delivering economic value ~

Fiscal 2022 will be the first year of our new medium-term management plan, “Fuyo Shared Value 2026,” which aims to take us to a new stage as a corporate group.
By practicing CSV to resolve social issues while at the same time delivering corporate value, we aim to become a company that grows strongly and sustainably in the midst of drastic changes in the external environment.

Since our establishment in 1969, we have been providing solutions to our customers' various business challenges through our leasing business. More recently, we have been working together with our clients and partners to resolve various issues faced by our customers and society by providing different businesses and services, such as real estate leasing, renewable energy power generation business, and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services that respond to customers' work style reforms, while utilizing the know-how and networks cultivated in our traditional leasing business.

President and Chief Executive Officer Hiroaki Oda

The new medium-term management plan places non-financial goals in the same position as financial goals as management objectives, and by working to resolve social issues, we will expand the scope of our business from existing areas to growth areas and even to new business areas. As a result, we aim to resolve social issues and at the same time realize future profits and sustainable growth as a company.

To achieve this, the growth of each and every employee of the Group is essential. We will further promote the development of highly specialized human resources who can respond to the diversification and sophistication of our business domains and foster a corporate culture that values challenges. Through the implementation of our corporate slogan, ‘’Go Where No One Has Gone Before,’’ the entire group will work together to resolve social issues while at the same time delivering corporate value.