Corporate Slogan

Go Where No One Has Gone Before

We believe.
Leasing is not just about lending things. It’s about lending inspiration, intelligence and a sense of wonder.
We believe.
We embrace challenges, because they are the fountain of new business.
We believe.
Meeting expectations is our duty. Exceeding them is our profession.
We believe.
Succeeding is easy when times are good, but true partners are there even in the hard times.

We act.
To open up new business opportunities in this country, we will take the first bold step.
We will expand the frontier of leasing.
We are Fuyo Lease.

Our corporate slogan is “Go Where No One Has Gone Before.” It is an expression of Fuyo Lease's mission to truly address the needs of its customers and provide solutions that exceed their expectations, It expresses our determination to step out from ourselves to “Go Where No One Has Gone Before.”