Fund Procurement through Sustainable Finance

The Fuyo Lease Group is promoting business strategies based on the CSV approach, and proactively advancing sustainable financing initiatives in its fund procurement.

We will continue to diversify our methods of fund procurement and further promote our response to the problem of climate change and to social issues, aiming to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Disclosure of Sustainable Finance Framework

We have formulated a sustainable finance framework to strengthen our fund procurement through sustainable finance.

Issuance of Green Bonds

Green bonds are bonds whose proceeds may only be used for green projects (projects that are expected to improve the environment), such as renewable energy projects, construction and upgrade of energy-saving buildings, and the prevention and management of environmental pollutants.

Issuance of Sustainability-Linked Bonds

Sustainability-linked bonds are bonds whose conditions vary depending on the achievement of set sustainability performance targets (SPTs), which are based on sustainability targets that have been set out in the issuers comprehensive social responsibility strategy.

Issuance of Sustainability Bonds

Sustainability bonds are bonds whose proceeds may only be used for projects that contribute to environmental and social sustainability.

Disclosure of Internal Reviews Related to Sustainability-Linked Loans with Engagement Dialogue

Sustainability-linked loans with engagement dialogue are a method of financing in which sustainability performance targets (SPTs) are set through dialogue with the issuer to promote higher-level sustainability management, with the loan conditions varying depending on the achievement of the SPTs.
As an internal review of the stated loans, we disclose the results of our self-assessments as follows.

Positive Impact Finance (Loan) Agreements

Positive impact finance is a method of financing that comprehensively analyzes and evaluates the environmental, social, and economic impacts of corporate activities, and contributes to the achievement of the SDGs by expanding positive impacts. Third-party opinions regarding the stated loans are disclosed as follows.