Communication with Our Shareholders and Investors

General Meeting of Shareholders

In consideration of its shareholders, Fuyo Lease holds our General Meeting of Shareholders online and holds it at an early date to avoid days when there is a concentration of general shareholders' meetings, as well as sends out convocation notices early and posts them on our website. Additionally, in order to enhance the convenience of our shareholders in exercising their voting rights, we have made it possible for them to exercise the rights on the Internet.

Because we take the view that the general meeting of shareholders is a place for communicating with our shareholders, we aim for an open meeting, explaining reports in an easy-to-understand manner using images, charts, and tables.

Booklets containing the Report on Annual Business Results and the Report on Interim Business Results for shareholders

At Fuyo Lease, business activities are summarized in booklets containing the Report on Annual Business Results and the Report on Interim Business Results in an easy-to-understand manner. These booklets are sent to our shareholders every half year.

Website IR Information

At Fuyo Lease, we have established the IR Information page on our website to convey the latest IR information in an easy-to-understand manner.

In addition, we also provide the IR information e-mail distribution service for free. Through this service, notifications to e-mail registrants is sent when the new IR information is posted online.

Financial results briefings

Fuyo Lease holds financial results briefings for institutional investors and analysts twice a year in May and November.
From the Fuyo Lease side, the president and senior managing director attend the briefings.

Individual meetings

In FY2022, we held individual meetings with a total of 47 companies (39 from Japan, 8 from overseas), primarily for main domestic and overseas shareholders and investors.
From the Fuyo Lease side, the senior managing director and Corporate Communications Office officials attend the meetings.

Main themes and items of interest in the individual meetings

  • Strategies and aims of the Medium-Term Management Plan Fuyo Shared Value 2026
  • Impact of domestic and international interest rate trends on the business
  • State of sustainability initiatives
  • Human resources strategy, including human capital investment

Feedback for executive management and the Board of Directors

We periodically provide feedback to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee on interview details or opinions obtained from shareholders and investors during individual meetings.