Outline of FUJITA


FUJITA Co., Ltd. provides full support for the purchase, demolition and removal of medical equipment, in addition to the disposal of medical equipment, furniture and fixtures when hospitals and clinics open, relocate, and/or close.

Company profile

Established July 2006
Capital 70.35 million yen
Shareholders Fuyo General Lease (51%)
Ken Fujita (38%)
Shuji Furuta (11%)
Business Activities
  • Buying and selling second-hand medical equipment (including installation and removal)
  • Demolition and removal of medical equipment, furniture and fixtures when hospitals and clinics closed
  • Disposal of leftover office items

Initiative to resource circulation through promotion of the 3Rs

FUJITA is truly committed to the 3Rs (reuse, recycle, and reduce) to reduce the amount of waste when the company engages in the purchasing and selling of second-hand medical equipment and disposing of medical equipment from hospitals or clinics that have been closed.

In particular, FUJITA focuses its efforts on the reuse element of the 3Rs. The company reuses not only medical equipment*1, but also extends its reuse activities including equipment, furniture, fixtures, and other items*2 that remain in hospitals. The company strives for resource circulation in order to maximize the reuse of resources and cut down on waste. Furthermore, the company provides support to hospitals and clinics in the disposal of their medical equipment when they close. These activities allow the company to efficiently sort out and separate waste and recyclable metals or plastics. The company's activities to reduce the waste amount results in lower waste disposal costs incurred by the customers.

  • *1
    Heavy medical equipment including MRI scanners, CT scanners, and angiography machines and portable equipment including ultrasonic diagnostic equipment and endoscope systems.
  • *2
    Hospital beds, office furniture and equipment, electrical appliances, books and magazines, etc.


3R[Reuse,Recycle,Reduce] Cost reduction through reusing and recycling
① Reuse

FUJITA reuses medical equipment, office equipment and furniture, and electronic equipment.

② Recycle

FUJITA sorts out and separates waste. Furthermore, the company recycles it as resources including metals and plastics.

③ Reduce

As a result of reducing the waste amount, FUJITA can cut disposal costs.