Shareholder Returns and Status of Shares

Basic Policy on Shareholder Returns

The basic policy of the Fuyo Lease Group is to enhance shareholders' equity with the aim of reinforcing the management base and financial structure, taking performance and management targets into consideration, while striving for the long-term, stable return of profits to shareholders.

In response to constant support from our shareholders, Fuyo Lease has also introduced a shareholder benefit plan with the aim of increasing the appeal of investing in the Company's shares and increasing the number of long-term shareholders.

Shareholder Benefit Plan

To implement the aforementioned goals for the introduction of the shareholder benefit plan, Fuyo Lease offers rewards worth ¥3,000 for shareholders who have owned shares for less than two years and ¥5,000 for those who have owned shares for at least two years in addition to a system that offers the choice of book vouchers or catalog gifts as benefits.

Our Management Philosophy is to support "corporate activities through our leasing business with view to contributing to development of the society". In order to contribute to development of the society together with shareholders, we annually donate an amount equivalent to 10% of shareholder benefits to organizations involved in social contribution activities.

The contributions made to date can be viewed on the following page.

Stock Information (As of March 31, 2022)

  • Number of shareholders: 18,929
  • Number of shares outstanding: 30,288 thousand shares
Financial institutions/securities companies: 41.4% 69 persons/12,530,000 shares Other domestic corporations (including self-name): 35.0% 164 persons/10,588,000 shares Foreigners: 16.2% 252 persons/4,923,000 shares Individuals and others: 7.4% 15,595 Name/2,247,000 shares
Breakdown of Shareholders Number of Shareholders Number of Shares held
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Financial Institutions



Other domestic firms



Foreign Shareholders



Securities companies