Basic Policy on Systems to Support Sustainable Value Creation

Basic Policy on Systems to Support Sustainable Value Creation

In addition to meeting the expectations of society and our stakeholders, the Fuyo Lease Group is committed to building a sustainable society and achieving sustainable growth as a company through our business operations, and to addressing social issues such as the SDGs. To this end, we will position the concept of CSV as the foundation of our management and strengthen it as a long-term strategy.

1. Responding to climate change

In response to climate change issues, the Fuyo Lease Group is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its own operations. At the same time, we recognize the growing demand for renewable energy and environmentally friendly products and services as a business opportunity and are working to help our customers decarbonize.

In addition, as a measure to adapt to climate change, we are working to strengthen our resilience in the event of an emergency by promoting BCP measures that assume risks such as restrictions on corporate activities due to an increase in natural disasters. We will work proactively to mitigate and adapt to climate change and achieve sustainable growth.

2. Respect for Human Rights

The Fuyo Lease Group will act in a manner that respects the dignity and basic human rights of all people, including business partners, officers and employees, and will build a corporate culture filled with a spirit of respect for human rights.

3. Human Resource Strategy to Enhance Value

The Fuyo Lease Group believes that "Human Capital" are its greatest asset. We respect each employee and his or her individuality, and we believe it is important for employees to ''job satisfaction'' and ''motivated to work'', to grow through their work, and to lead fulfilling lives both physically and mentally.

We also believe that the sustainable growth of the Group will be achieved by encouraging the growth of every employee and maximizing the use of their talents and abilities, thereby simultaneously enhancing corporate value and creating social value.

4. Contributing to the Community

The Fuyo Lease Group recognizes its deep relationship with local communities, and we want to continue to grow together while fulfilling our role as a good corporate citizen that contributes to the development of local communities. The Group has established a social contribution policy and is engaged in social contribution activities mainly in the areas of "environment," "local communities," "academia and research," and "support for disaster-stricken areas," while making use of the Group's know-how, products and services.

5. Approach to Risk

The Fuyo Lease Group anticipates a variety of risks that could arise in the course of business development and is taking steps to address them. Details of the Group's business and other risks are disclosed in our Annual Securities Report, and the status of our response to these risks is regularly reported to the Board of Directors.

6. Ensuring compliance

The Fuyo Lease Group has positioned thorough compliance as a fundamental management principle, and we are working to strengthen and enhance the compliance system to ensure strict adherence to all laws, regulations and rules, as well as to carry out honest and fair corporate activities that do not violate social norms.