Approach to Social Contributions

Basic approach to social contributions

Recognizing close ties with our neighbors, the Fuyo Lease Group hopes to play the role of a good corporate citizen who contributes to the development of local communities. Furthermore, based on our Mission, Vision and Value, we are focused on creating shared value and solving social issues through our business operations, and contributing to society as part of our business strategy.

Based on this approach, the Group has established a social contribution policy and is engaged in activities that align with it. We identified the target areas for our social contribution activities based on our social contribution policy to achieve synergies between the social contribution activities and our Medium-term Management Plan. Our priority social contribution areas are “academic and research activities” that support science and technology with commercialization potential in New Domains, which is in the Incubation Zone, and “environmental activities” that help accelerate activities in Energy & Environment, a business field in the Transformation Zone, which is a growth area, as defined in the Group's Medium-term Management Plan.

Social Contribution Policy (excerpt)

Article 3 (Target areas for social contributions)

Engage in the following subject areas:

  • 1.
  • 2.
    Contributions to local communities
  • 3.
    Academic activities and research
  • 4.
    Support for areas affected by disasters

Article 4 (Implementation criteria)

Decide implementation according to the following criteria:

  • 1.
    Obtaining the understanding of society
    Approaches that are highly public and receive a broad public understanding
  • 2.
    Using our characteristics
    Approaches that use our know-how, products, and services

In addition, the Group's mission is to "seriously respond to customers' needs and provide solutions that exceed their expectations." Because we believe that it is important for employees to gain awareness about regional issues and needs, we have introduced a volunteer leave system to promote social contribution activities by employees. The system was used by two employees in fiscal 2022.