Outline of WorkVision


WorkVision provides a full range of IT solutions centered on cloud services and package services that cover planning, development and sales to operation, maintenance and other services.

Company profile

Established October 2012
Capital 100 million yen
Shareholders Fuyo General Lease (100%)
Business Activities Development, sales, operation, maintenance, and other services related to IT solutions centered on cloud services and package services

Providing cloud solutions to help customers transform their operations

Corporate management is being called on to increase operational productivity by overhauling non-core operations and undertaking the DX of tasks against a backdrop of enterprises encountering the need to address intensifying labor shortages and implement work-style reforms. WorkVision is utilizing its ICT technologies to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by advancing the digital transformation of both companies and society.

WorkVision is a DX-certified operator* that develops new IT solutions for both customers and society based on its in-house experience developing DX initiatives. It is advancing innovation through the development of a wide range of solutions, from high profile public systems to systems for supporting operational efficiency efforts at private enterprises.

  • *
    A DX-certified operator is an enterprise that has received certification under the DX Certification system established based on the Act on Partial Revision of the Act on Facilitation of Information Processing enacted in May 2020. Only enterprises that are recognized as “DX-ready,” meaning that they are ready to transform their business using digital technology based on the Digital Governance Code formulated by the Japanese government, may receive certification.

WorkVision is advancing sustainability activities, primarily through its SDGs Promotion Working team, an organization that answers directly to the company’s president. Please see the link below for details.