Environmental Philosophy / Environmental Policy

Environmental Philosophy

The Fuyo Lease Group constantly adopts environmentally-friendly business practices in order to realize a sustainable society and promotes activities to address environmental issues in line with its environmental policy.

Environmental Policy

1.Providing products and services that contribute to environmental conservation

We endeavor to provide products and services that contribute to environmental conservation by having each Group company leverage the characteristics of their business activities.

2.Promoting resource and energy efficiency

We are aware of the environmental burdens associated with business activities and endeavor to engage in resource and energy saving activities and green procurement.

3.Contributing to the development of a circular society

We promote the reuse and recycling of products no longer leased, restrict the generation of waste, and ensure proper disposal of waste.

4.Complying with environmental laws

We comply with environment-related laws and agreements to which the Fuyo Lease Group has agreed.

5.Establishing an environmental management system

We promote continuous improvement of an environmental management system and set environmental targets as we endeavor to respond to climate change, prevent environmental pollution, and conserve biodiversity.