Community Engagement

Recognizing close ties with its neighbors, the Fuyo Lease Group hopes to grow together with them, while being a good corporate citizen who contributes to the development of local communities. The Group has formulated a Social Contribution Policy and is conducting social contribution activities that make best use of its knowhow, products, and services focusing on the environment, community engagement, academia and research, and assistance to disaster-affected areas.

Environmental and Community Engagement

Environmental Activities and Student Support by Aqua Art

Aqua Art, a group company, provides “AQUA ART” decorative interior aquariums containing tropical fish and aquatic plants for rent. The company also minimizes the impact on the environment and ecosystems by procuring fish and aquatic plants through aquaculture farms. The company also minimizes the impact on the environment and ecosystems by procuring fish and aquatic plants through aquaculture farms. It has also prepared a system for providing a certain amount of fish and aquatic plants, establishing its SDG-Related Project in 2020 in which the Company breeds fish itself and reuses and cultivates aquatic plants that it brings back after maintenance operations. In addition to platy, a kind of tropical fish, it also succeeded in breeding the Japanese rosy bitterling, a freshwater fish endemic to Japan that has been designated as an endangered species. Aqua Art’s initiatives and the aquariums have featured in a special edition of the Yomiuri SDGs Newspaper: Life and the SDGs (first issue published in July 2021). In Japanese, the article was titled “Learning about ecosystems from an aquarium.”

Aqua Art also donates (rents for free) products and services to maternal and child living support facilities based on the philosophy that “AQUA ART wants to make work and life better for the people who live and work in local areas.” It also holds regular visiting lectures at facilities to which aquariums have been donated, offering children an opportunity to learn about the environment and ecosystem. In 2022, the Company held summer aquarium events at Nagareyama Otakanomori Shopping Center and Tamagawa Takashimaya Shopping Center. These included a stamp rally for completing a picture book of fish, and a learning-themed panel display of facts about fish, to communicate the fun of observing and learning about living things. The events provide an opportunity for people not only to enjoy the attraction of the aquarium, but also to consider the environment in which the fish live.

Fuyo Lease and Aqua Art also hold an annual aquarium design contest jointly with TOKYO DOME HOTEL CORPORATION. Students majoring in art and design at Tokyo Metropolitan Kogei High School and Tokyo Designer Gakuin College, as well as students studying to become aquarists at TCA Tokyo College of ECO & Animals, design and decorate aquariums which are then exhibited at the entrance and lobby of the Tokyo Dome Hotel. During the exhibition period, a contest is held in which visitors to the hotel vote for their favorite.

Japanese rosy bitterling laying eggs

Children actively participating
in a visiting lecture (fiscal 2022)

Participation in FIT Charity Run

The Fuyo Lease Group has participated in the FIT Charity Run (Financial Industry in Tokyo For Charity Run) since 2009.

The FIT Charity Run is a charity event aimed at supporting non-profit organizations engaged in community-based activities. The event is organized by financial service companies in Tokyo, which gather and hold fund-raising activities.

FIT for Charity Run 2022 was the 18th event, held at the Japan National Stadium. Twenty-eight employees from the Fuyo Lease Group entered the event for running or walking.

Inviting the local community to Fukuoka PayPay Dome

At Fuyo Lease, we have purchased Philanthropy Seats of the baseball stadium Fukuoka PayPay Dome and invited people from the community welfare facilities and young people in sports since fiscal 2012.

With the purchased Philanthropy Seats, 20 seats reserved per year on the first base infield side, audience members can watch the full schedule of official games of Fukuoka Softbank Hawks.

Those who attended this activity have been very pleased and we will continue to make use of these seats to maintain friendships with local communities in the future.

Fukuoka PayPay Dome

The purchased Philanthropy Seats

Hosting internships for conveying the significance of work and providing work experience to students who will be leading the next generation

In order to convey the significance of work to undergraduate and graduate students who will be leading the next generation, Fuyo Lease provides internships through which the students can deepen their understanding of the leasing business and experience actual work in the industry.

The 13th internship program, held in fiscal 2022, was carried out over a period of 17 days in total between September and February, with the participation of 389 students. The program consisted of a lecture on the basics of leasing, as well as group work on creating contract documents and leasing. It also included an informal gathering where students exchanged opinions with our staff members on, for example, job challenges and differences between students and professionals.

Students participating in the program made comments such as: "the program gave me an opportunity to not only understand the leasing business but also to think about the meaning of work" and "the group work gave me an opportunity to listen to opinions that I would have never come up with, and it was also useful to hear advice from HR." A similar internship program is scheduled for fiscal 2023.

Group work session for interns

Contribution to academia and research

In October 2017, Fuyo Lease established Japan's first industry-academia collaborative GAP Fund in cooperation with the Tokyo Institute of Technology and Innovations and Future Creation Inc.

In general, commercializing the results of university research requires additional costs outside of research expenses, including the cost of additional testing, creation of prototypes and customer interviews. However, since the research expenses and subsidies contributed by universities are limited to academic purposes, there is a “GAP” in funding between basic research and commercialization. The GAP Fund is intended to fill this funding gap and support commercialization of research results. Fuyo Lease continues to provide funding for the GAP Fund, participate in the selection of eligible projects, and support the commercialization of advanced technology. Up until now, 17 projects have been selected, of which two have resulted in creating startup companies.
From July 2023 we started operating Fuyo Mirai GAP Fund under a new framework and will continue to support commercialization and product development of cutting-edge technologies in the future.

GAP Fund

A fund intended to fill the “GAP” to commercialization

GAP Fund Funding fund to fill the “GAP” towards commercialization Laboratory / researcher → Research results → (GAP) 17 selected projects → Commercialization (development of products and services using technology) Venture company External Licensing Joint development of products and services [Joint research agreement] Future Creation Organization and Fuyo Sogo Lease Co., Ltd. will provide funding and advice to Tokyo Tech's Research and Industry-Academia Collaboration Headquarters. [Tokyo Tech's Research and Industry-Academia Collaboration Headquarters] Provides funding (funds for prototype production, etc.) to GAP

Contributions to Culture and the Arts

In June 2021, we established the Fuyo-Joshibi Venus Fund with Joshibi University of Art and Design to support students aiming to become artists.

Students at art colleges who seek to enter society as artists, designers and creators need opportunities for more people to learn about their work. Through ongoing funding provided to this fund over a period of ten years, Fuyo Lease will purchase works created by students at Joshibi University of Art and Design, while also working to provide numerous venues for the works to be exhibited by leveraging our relationships with our customers and many other companies. By communicating these works to the wider world—works that until now had been held by individuals or limited to on-campus exhibits—we will support these students in moving a step closer to their dreams.

As part of efforts to showcase works by students from fiscal 2022 onward, we have established a foundation operation committee within the university. In March 2023, the fund opened its first art exhibition at Kojimachi Garden Tower, where the Group’s head office is located, and going forward we plan to expand our exhibition activities using spaces provided by customers who share our aims.

Our goal is to contribute to the advancement of art and culture in Japan by actively supporting students seeking to become artists through promotion of this fund, and by giving new art back to society.

Fuyo-Joshibi Venus Fund

Fuyo-Joshibi Venus Fund