Environmental Management

Environmental management system

Within the Fuyo Lease Group, the President of Fuyo General Lease serves as Chief Executive, and the Director responsible for the Creating Shared Value Promotion Office serves as Environmental Control Officer. The Group has an environmental management system structure that covers the Fuyo Lease Group companies.

Environmental management system structure

[Top Management]Fuyo General Lease: President Environmental Control Officer [Environmental Management Officer] [Internal Environmental Audit Team] [Environmental Management Office] [Environmental Management Promotion Team] [Department/Office/Branch, Fuyo Lease Group companies]

Environmental education

The Fuyo Lease Group regularly provides environmental training to deepen the understanding of the environmental management system and to increase environment-related knowledge and skills.

The following table shows the implementation status for fiscal 2022.

Implementation status of environmental education (FY 2022)

Training Period
Employee Training In-house study sessions related to climate change October 2022
February 2023
Zero Waste Activities From November 2022
Hachioji Technical Center Training Program Suspended in fiscal 2022 due to impact of the COVID-19 pandemic
Sanden Forest Biodiversity Training Program Suspended in fiscal 2022 due to impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

In fiscal 2022, in-house study sessions were held on the climate change and the impact that climate change could have on companies. As part of Zero Waste Activities, an in-house initiative related to the circular economy, we worked to enhance knowledge of a broad range of environment-related information through video materials on topics such as explaining the circular economy and plastic problems.

Scene from an in-house study session

Environmental Risk Management

In addition to ensuring compliance with laws and regulations concerning waste disposal, we conduct on-site surveys of companies contracted to dispose lease-expired properties in order to reduce environmental risks related to waste disposal.

Proper disposal of lease-expired properties

Fuyo Lease complies with laws such as Waste Management and Public Cleaning Law (Waste Management Act) and appropriately disposes of lease-expired properties that cannot be reused.

Furthermore, in addition to systematically conducting surveys to examine the waste disposal approaches and recycling activities performed by contracted disposal companies, we also thoroughly manage and utilize the manifests* of industrial waste management.

  • *
    Manifest: a document or electronic data for examining whether waste has been disposed of appropriately. Waste generating business operators are required by the Waste Management Act to issue and collect, or register a manifest in order to confirm proper disposal of waste.

For more details, please refer to the appropriate waste disposal approaches being adopted by FGL Circular Network Co., Ltd. and FGL LeaseUp Business Service Co., Ltd., Group companies which have been contracted by Fuyo Lease to dispose of waste.

Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

Inspection Result Cases
Violation of law None
Environment-related complaints None

The Fuyo Lease Group, through various environmental education activities, strives to ensure that all its officers and employees comply with environmental laws and regulations. Furthermore, the Group regularly conducts compliance checks concerning environmental laws and regulations, whereby the status of compliance with the environmental laws and regulations is confirmed. The fiscal 2022 compliance checks, covering the period between February 2022 and January 2023, were inspected in March 2023. In the checks, it was confirmed that there were no cases constituting a violation of laws and regulations, and that there were no cases involving environment-related complaints. Similarly, in previous years, there were no cases constituting violation of environmental laws and no cases involving environment-related complaints.