Overview of eXtreak


eXtreak provides IT facility services to companies including design, construction, and building of IT infrastructure and facility-related maintenance.

Company profile

Established August 2002
Capital 100 million yen
Shareholders INVOICE (100%)
Business Activities IT Facility Service Business

Support for Establishing Telecommunications Environments and Digitalization of Small- to Medium-Sized Companies

eXtreak has extensive knowledge and advanced technical capabilities regarding the establishment of facility environments in terms of IT infrastructure design, implementation and construction, including LAN installation. It has provided IT facility services for a large number of corporations. Meanwhile, INVOICE is helping to respond to a growing personnel shortage and realize workstyle reforms through the provision of BPO services, such as a bundled invoice service for telecommunication and utilities charges (organization, visualization, and cost reduction). By combining eXtreak’s expertise in telecommunications environments and INVOICE’s knowledge of telecommunication lines, we are able to provide telecommunication environment optimization solutions and comprehensive services from line arrangements to facility environment preparation. In addition to management divisions that utilize BPO*1 services, we will also offer IT systems divisions a wide range of services, accelerating our support for telecommunications environment establishment and digitalization of small- to medium-sized companies.

  • *1
    Business Process Outsourcing: The practice of outsourcing part or all of a company’s business processes to dedicated service providers in order to streamline and optimize a company’s business processes.