Employee Health Management

Our Approach for Health and Productivity Management

The Fuyo Lease Group believes that providing a healthy and safe work environment where employees can work energetically will invigorate the organization and increase productivity. We consider both investment in the health of our employees (efforts to maintain their health) and human resources development to be investments in human capital. Consequently, we promote strategic health and productivity management based on a management perspective.

Health Declaration

The Fuyo Lease Group believes that the mental and physical health of employees and their families is the source of their fulfillment and wellbeing. We believe that it leads to their growth as responsible resolvers of social issues.
Based on this thinking, we have presented our Health Declaration, stating that we will strongly promote activities to maintain and increase the health of employees and their families, and the Group is working together as one to engage in health and productivity management.

  • 1.
    The Fuyo Lease Group recognizes that employees are its greatest asset, and that their health and that of their families is important.
  • 2.
    Employees also recognize that their health and that of their families is irreplaceable and will proactively work to maintain and increase their own health.
  • 3.
    The Company will continuously support these initiatives by employees and provide comfortable work environments.
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    With the participation of employees who are healthy and work with energy and enthusiasm, the Group will aim to resolve social issues and realize a better society.

The Fuyo Lease Group's Health and Productivity Management System

The Fuyo Lease Group's Health and Productivity Management System

Health Committee

Fuyo Lease believes that creating a working environment where employees can work healthily, safely, and energetically will revitalize the company and lead to improved productivity.

Based on this idea, the Health Committee, set up under the Industrial Safety and Health Act, meets once a month to maintain and improve the health and safety standards of the workplace. The Health Committee consists of health and safety managers from each department, division managers, and occupational physicians. The Committee is responsible for identifying issues concerning health and safety at the Fuyo Lease Group, planning as well as implementing measures, and verifying the results of those measures.

Maintaining the Health and Productivity of Employees

In fiscal 2022, we identified employee disease prevention and early detection of disease as a priority issue for health and productivity management. We lowered the age at which employees can receive a complete medical checkup with no out-of-pocket expenses from 40 or over to 35 or over, and all eligible employees received a complete medical checkup.
In addition, we believe that creating an environment in which female employees can maximize their abilities without interrupting their careers will drive the Group’s growth. Based on this belief, we began holding online seminars to increase understanding of women’s health issues. From fiscal 2023, we have been holding individual consulting sessions guided by a female doctor three times a month for all female employees of the Group.
In recognition of these efforts, the Company was certified as a 2023 Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (large enterprise category), following on from its certification in fiscal 2021.

Performance Indicator



FY2026 Target

Percentage of employees aged 35 or over who have had a health examination (non-consolidated)




Health and Productivity Management Organization 2023 Health and productivity

Health examination

Health examinations for employees are held once a year. The general periodic health examination take rate for fiscal 2022 was 100%.

Mental health care

Fuyo Lease has been conducting stress checks since 2010, in order to maintain and improve employees' mental health. With mandatory stress checks, the implementation system and method were discussed again this year by the Health Committee. Since establishing internal regulations, we have been carrying out activities with six affiliated companies since 2021.

Employees receive stress checks on the Web and, after about a month, they can check the results of evaluations given by occupational physicians, who are the implementers of the Web check. When doing so, we encourage employees who have been assessed to be highly stressed to have a medical interview with an occupational physician, and take necessary work-related measures based on the results of the interview.

In addition to stress checks stipulated in the Industrial Safety and Health Act, employees and their families can consult specialist counselors. The results are not disclosed to the company, because we consider the privacy protection needs of individuals.