Sharp Finance

Outline of Sharp Finance


Sharp Finance is a leasing company that has its strengths in the retail market for small leases, such as developing vendor leasing in collaboration with dealers for small- and medium-size enterprises.

Company profile

Established May 1982
Capital 3 billion yen
Shareholders Fuyo General Lease (65%)
Sharp Corporation (35%)
Business Activities Various leasing businesses, credit sales business, real estate rental business, and insurance agency business

Fuyo General Lease and Sharp Finance have combined their expertise to meet diversified and sophisticated customer needs.

Development of community-based healthcare through support to establish clinics and initiatives to improve the health and welfare of residents

As the average age of doctors at clinics supporting community-based healthcare continues to increase*, “cycles” in which young doctors offer additional support will be essential to maintain healthcare systems. One of those cycles will be the establishment of new clinics, which is actively supported by Sharp Finance. In this way, we aim to make social contributions toward maintaining community-based healthcare systems.

Through leasing initiatives implemented in the course of our main business, which is medical equipment sales to vendors, we have amassed a business network of many customers that includes a large number of medical institutions, medical equipment manufacturers, pharmaceutical wholesalers, and accounting firms. In addition to being a finance company providing financial support for business launches, we also provide one-stop support for starting a business in cooperation with our business partners by fully utilizing our network in each specialized field, such as accounting firms that handle various notifications necessary for starting a business.

We supported the of opening of a clinic for the Toyocho Hagukumi Family Clinic, a pediatric clinic in Koto-ku, Tokyo which opened in October 2021, as a result of an inquiry to our company’s specialized website for business launch support. The area around Toyocho Station is being redeveloped, with construction of condominiums underway and the number of new families on the rise. We feel that we have contributed to community-based healthcare in this neighborhood by helping hospital directors actualize their desire to build clinics that support the growth of children and the health of their families, while fulfilling the demand for pediatric healthcare that has been continually increasing in this region.

  • *
    The percentage of doctors over the age of 60 assigned to clinics was 51.5% in 2020; from the Statistics of Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists 2020 published by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare