Respect for Human Rights

Expectations toward respecting human rights for stakeholders

The Fuyo Lease Group respects the rights of all its stakeholders (including board members, and employees, customers, partner companies in all business areas, local communities, etc.) and is engaged in initiatives related to the promotion of human rights. We actively encourage our employees and business partners to have a better understanding of the Group's human rights policy.

Specifically, the Fuyo Lease Group's Human Resources Division provides instruction and support to all departments and offices as well as group companies on planning, proposal and promotion of basic human resource policies and procedures, including education and awareness raising regarding human rights, and also reports to the Executive Committee on the results of implementation.

Expectations for key stakeholders are as follows:

Board Members and Employees The Group has zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination and harassment on the basis of gender, nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, or any other grounds. We strive to create a work environment where each and every employee respects each other's human rights and can work in comfort and with peace of mind.
Customers Our management philosophy is to "maintain customers first philosophy, providing the best services." We will not only prevent and mitigate negative impacts on human rights related to the provision of services, but also strive to respect the human rights of all our business partners.
Partner Companies We expect partner companies providing services with our Group to understand the Fuyo Lease Group Human Rights Policy, and respect human rights in the same way as Group employees.

Initiatives to Assess and Mitigate Human Rights Risks

The Fuyo Lease Group works to prevent negative impacts on human rights in its business and provide access to remedy.

Fuyo Lease's Corporate Planning Division regularly assesses the Group's risk management status, including human rights issues, and reports it to the directors. If significant risks occur these are reported to the Risk Management Officer and to the Executive Committee.

Board Members and Employees

In the Group, the Audit Office and Human Resources Division conduct regular employee interviews in order to prevent violations of human rights. In the event any human rights issue arises, a team lead by the Human Resources Division will act in accordance with company policy to promptly resolve the issue.

In addition, we have set up internal and external whistleblower hotlines that allow anonymous reporting and guarantee that all reports will be treated as confidential in order to promptly detect any infringements of compliance or Fuyo Lease Group’s Basic Compliance Policy in the area of human rights, including bullying and harassment.

In fiscal 2022, 10 reports were received through the hotlines. In each report, investigations are promptly conducted, such as confirming the facts with the parties concerned with due care to protect whistleblowers against detrimental treatment and taking appropriate measures. All cases have been resolved, and measures put in place to prevent recurrences.


Recognizing that it is possible that the Group could contribute to a negative impact on human rights in providing services, we strive to take appropriate measures to prevent or mitigate any negative impacts on human rights that may occur through our business activities. In particular, we focus on protecting the privacy of our business partners, building an information management system according to the business content, and strictly managing our partners’ information.

Human Rights Due Diligence

As one initiative for human rights due diligence based on the Group’s Human Rights Policy, we make inquiries to business units and interview partner companies to identify issues that have a negative impact on human rights in our business, and implement countermeasures according to the degree of risk severity. By continually implementing this kind of process every term, we will work to prevent and mitigate human rights risks.

Human Rights Due Diligence Process

Human rights due diligence process 1. Human rights impact assessment: Identify human rights risks in business and assess severity and impact 2. Prevention and mitigation measures: Formulate and implement measures to prevent and reduce human rights risks according to the evaluation results 3. Monitoring: Regularly monitor the effectiveness of implemented risk countermeasures 4. Information disclosure: Publish the status of initiatives against human rights risks on the website, etc. 1 to 4 are a cycle.

Human Rights Awareness Training

The Fuyo Lease Group continually provides human rights awareness training in its grade-specific training, which includes that for new employees and newly appointed assistant managers / section chiefs with the aim of creating workplaces with a fundamental respect for human rights. Through the publication of "Compliance News" and inhouse digital signage to all group employees, we raise awareness of the Fuyo Lease Group's approach to human rights and labor and the importance of respecting them. In fiscal 2018, the Group introduced a new training program for all employees, in which the participants view videos to improve their human rights awareness.

Furthermore, we provide training upon promotion for employees appointed at or above a certain level of management position to enable them to respond appropriately when there are reports of incidents and consultations involving human rights, including bullying and harassment.

Building Positive Employer-Labor Relations

The Fuyo Lease Group recognizes freedom of association and collective bargaining rights as the rights of its employees. While complying with laws and regulations and promoting these rights, we strive for appropriate communication between employers and employees. In Fuyo Lease, the percentage of employees who belong to a labor union is 67.5%.

Promoting Appropriate Labor Standards

The Fuyo Lease Group strives to comply with domestic and foreign laws and regulations on labor standards where its offices are located, such as working hours and pay but also to make the working environment even better in order to ensure consideration for human rights. Not only do we strive to limit long working hours and guarantee a living wage in our offices in Japan, but we also carry out checks at our overseas sites as necessary, in addition to paying living wages that exceed the minimum stipulated by local laws and regulations, to maintain high standards to ensure the retention of excellent employees. Each month, we report the company’s overall status of working hours and any workers who are working long hours to the director in charge of the Human Resources Division and the President & CEO and deliberate on countermeasures when necessary. In addition, as an initiative to reduce long working hours at domestic group companies, we are actively implementing measures to prevent overwork and have introduced “Refresh Day (no overtime day)”, “+ Friday (leave-work-early system)”, and the “interval system” for employees to use freely.

In Fuyo Lease in fiscal 2022, there were no infringements of labor-related laws and regulations.