Overview of Accretive


Accretive purchases receivable accounts that arise from the delivery of products and services, provides financial services that support cash flow of supplying companies by providing cash early, and in addition to supporting business efficiency also offers business process outsourcing (BPO) services such as accounting administration to clients including retail business operators.

Company profile

Established May 1999
Capital 100 million yen
Shareholders Fuyo General Lease (73.68%)
Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation (26.32%)
Business Activities Financial services centering on the purchases of accounts receivables, BPO services such as accounting administration

Cambodia support activities

Since 2017, in collaboration with its Cambodian subsidiary Accretive Service (Cambodia) Co., Ltd., Accretive has supported to elementary schools in Takeo province, Cambodia.

Local staff and employees participating from Japan visited the local elementary schools and prepared a learning environment by donating school supplies and reinforcing desks, as well as conducting exchange meetings to provide guidance on hygiene and to donate goods such as clothing, stationery, and daily necessities collected from employees at each base in Japan.

The exchanges with the children were helpful in understanding the current local situation and its issues, namely, that the educational environment in Cambodia's rural areas is lacking due to factors such as equipment and funding shortages.

We will continue to participate in activities that improve this environment little by little in the future.

We handed stationery directly to about 120 elementary school students
Teaching hand-washing with soap
Playing together using a donated long rope
Commemorative photograph

Approach to Positive Off Motion


Accretive agrees with the aims of the Positive Off -movement advocated by the Japan Tourism Agency to realize more meaningful leisure activities of employees and their families.

This movement sees "holiday = off" as "forward-looking = positive." Each employee can proactively declare their plans to take paid leave, and as a result of going out and traveling during leisure time becomes refreshed both mentally and physically, which enhances self-improvement, and contributes to economic revitalization.

Accretive is introducing a system that allows annual paid leave to be acquired in hourly units. The Company is engaging in awareness-raising activities with posters to promote the new system and is endeavoring to improve working environments and create an atmosphere that makes it easier to take a vacation.