Aqua Art

Outline of Aqua Art


Aqua Art was established in March 1994 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fuyo Lease. It operates a rental business for tropical fish tanks, which replicate the natural environment.

Company profile

Established March 1994
Capital 50 million yen
Shareholders Fuyo General Lease (100%)
Business Activities Manufacture, sale, rental, and maintenance of ornamental aquarium

AQUA ART interior aquarium

AQUA ART is a product that reproduces the structure of the natural world in an aquarium using real creatures.

Specialist staff create each aquarium using detailed work and skills in a production process of around 50 steps. These include cleaning the sand laid in the bottom of the aquarium, circulating water to disperse bacteria through the tank, individually planting each aquatic plant and positioning each rock and piece of driftwood to create the layout inside the aquarium to incorporate and adjust each of the materials. AQUA ART is unique, individually crafted rental aquarium.

(1) Drawing people together to foster communication

AQUA ART provides spaces for people to share meaningful connections through conversation. It provides places for people to congregate naturally, and a pocket of relaxation in places where people visit for the first time, releasing tension and starting conversations.

(2) Raising awareness about preserving the natural environment and educating the next generation

AQUA ART recreates environments for living creatures inside an aquarium, offering a chance to learn about how the natural world works. We provide an opportunity to think about nature in terms of familiar living creatures, the food chain, and biodiversity.

Growth medium of aquatic plants Aquatic plants photosynthesize using light and release oxygen to purify water Residual fish feed and waste products Degraded by soil organisms (bacteria) Fertilizer for aquatic plants Organic fertilizer made from fish that enriches soil and promotes growth Cycle system of AQUA ART

Contributing to the environment through products

Our AQUA ART rental aquariums are tended by specialist staff, who recreate natural eco systems inside them. The connection between aquatic plants and tropical fish promotes purification of the water, helping to maintain water quality. This helps to minimize the amount of water used for replacement, and maintains the condition of the fish and plants, helping to protect water resources and living creatures.

Tropical fish and aquatic plants are procured through nurseries to maintain and protect the natural environment. At the same time, the Company is also working to breed its own. Aqua Art launched the SDGs-Related Project and established a system to provide a certain quantity of fish and aquatic plants through the in-house breeding of tropical fish such as platies, guppies, corydoras, and African butterfly cichlids, as well as reusing and cultivating aquatic plants brought back from maintenance work. We also strive to actively reuse and recycle old aquariums and apparatus.

In-house bred African butterfly cichlid

Contributing to society through products

Aqua Art is also collaborating with Fuyo General Lease in the "Aqua de Smile" social contribution activity using AQUA ART aquariums.

As part of this activity, we provide AQUA ART free of charge to nine maternal and child living support facilities and facilities supporting employment for people with disabilities in Tokyo and neighboring prefectures. Moreover, as part of environmental education activities undertaken by our staff, during the summer holidays they hold visiting lessons for the children at the facilities. The lessons are filled with full of happy faces and joyful cheering, using a quiz format to teach children about the habits and characteristics of tropical fish in a fun way, and helping them to learn about ecosystems.

We also hold the AQUA ART Design Contest. Students of the Tokyo Metropolitan Kogei High School, Tokyo Designer Gakuin College, and TCA Tokyo College of Eco & Animals, which have relationships with Fuyo General Lease and AQUA ART, compete to create special design and decoration for an aquarium interior, with the best entries displayed at the entrance and lobby of the Tokyo Dome Hotel. During the exhibition period, the hotel visitors vote for their favorite entry, enabling a large number of people to enjoy the competition.

Children actively participating during a visiting lecture (fiscal 2022)
Students in the production group from Tokyo Metropolitan Kogei High School at a screening for the AQUA ART Design Contest (Summer 2022)