YAMATO LEASE provides support services for the management issues of transportation companies, such as succession problems and driver shortages in addition to providing support for the leasing, procurement, and sales of new and used trucks.

Company profile

Established March 1977
Capital 30 million yen
Shareholders Fuyo General Lease (60%)
Business Activities Truck leasing and installment, used car sales

Supporting vehicle procurement to resolve management issues faced by transport companies

In the logistics industry, many social issues have become apparent, including an increase in the volume of cargo being handled due to the expansion of the e-commerce market, shortages and aging of truck drivers, and work-style reform in response to the reduction of long working hours. In addition, the automobile industry is said to be entering a once-in-a-century period of great change due to CASE*1 technological innovations and the progress of MaaS*2 that connects vehicles and other means of transportation with IT. Environmental regulations, such as automobile exhaust regulations, are also being strengthened. Against the backdrop of such changes in the business environment, transportation companies are also required to procure vehicles in an optimal manner to adapt to these changes.

By using truck leasing from YAMATO LEASE, transportation company customers can introduce vehicles that are suited to the latest environment without the need for large sums of money. In addition, as truck distribution support, we offer full support for the replacement of trucks through proposals for purchase of existing and used trucks to meet our customers' and social needs. When selecting a used truck, we provide an environment where customers can search for a vehicle that meets their needs in a catalog-like manner through our "Tora-Machi" used-truck matching application.

Our strengths lie in our customer network as well as proposal-based sales, and going forward, we will continue to leverage these strengths in support of vehicle procurement that resolves the issues faced by transportation companies.

  • *1
    CASE stands for Connected, Autonomous/Automated, Shared, and Electric. It is expected that technological innovation in these new areas will change the ways in which mobility and our society will exist.
  • *2
    MaaS refers to Mobility as a Service, which indicates services that connect vehicles, public transportation, and other means of transportation through IT.

The first leasing company to be certified as an organization that promotes the Comfortable Workplace Certification System

YAMATO LEASE has been certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Nippon Kaiji Kyokai as an organization that promotes the Driver's Workplace Environment Quality Certification System (commonly known as the Comfortable Workplace Certification System).

The Comfortable Workplace Certification System is a system to certify companies that are engaged in work-style reform, such as the revision of long working hours, in order to improve working conditions and the working environments of drivers as well as to secure and train drivers who are needed.

In order to promote the Comfortable Workplace Certification System, YAMATO LEASE holds briefing sessions, provides advice as well as guidance, and supports trucking companies in obtaining certification. In fiscal 2022, YAMATO LEASE supported 538 companies in obtaining certification. We aim to maintain safety management of the transportation industry and solve social issues such as the shortage of human resources.

  • *
    The Comfortable Workplace Certification System is a system in which a third-party organization evaluates and certifies the working environments of automobile transportation companies and provides this information mainly to job seekers. To encourage companies that have acquired certification to move to a higher level, there are three levels of certification depending on the number of certification items that a company has achieved. The three levels of certification are one star, two stars, and three stars.

Business succession support services specifically for the transportation industry

YAMATO LEASE provides business succession support services specifically for the transportation industry. The business succession support services provided by YAMATO LEASE leverage the experience and know-how that we have acquired from leasing trucks to transportation companies to match companies that are struggling to continue business due to aging managers and a lack of successors with companies that want to expand their business.

Through our business succession support services, we aim to solve the challenges facing the industry, such as the problems of finding successors at transportation companies, retaining employees, and resolving driver shortages.