FGL Techno-Solutions

Outline of FGL Techno-Solutions


FGL Techno-Solutions conducts equipment sales, outsourcing helpdesk services, and kitting, construction and other technical services in ICT-related fields.

Company profile

Established May 1984
Capital 50 million yen
Shareholders Fuyo General Lease (100%)
Business Activities ICT equipment and software sales business, ICT outsourcing business,
staffing and referral business for ICT business areas

HR development to help solve corporate ICT issues

Many companies face management issues connected with a shortage of IT personnel and directly face not only the difficulty of hiring IT professionals but also a problematic lack of resources for training new people internally from scratch. At the same time, with ICT equipment becoming more diverse and complex, there are increasing cases of companies having to perform work with a high level of technical difficulty or intricate work in large amounts over a short period of time, and the barriers to solutions in the ICT field are getting higher by the day.

FGL Techno-Solutions provides outsourcing and staffing services in ICT-related fields. In outsourcing services, the company flexibly meets the changing needs of customers from the perspectives of where services are rendered, whether onsite or inhouse, and when they are rendered, from short-term/spot to long-term. In staffing services, personnel capable of being put to use immediately are provided in a timely manner.

It is IT professionals who support the provision of such services and the transformation of company businesses. FGL Techno-Solutions focuses on training IT personnel, primarily young programmers and field engineers. By supporting skill enhancement based on career plans while utilizing internal and external training programs and other resources, the company develops highly specialized engineers and technical personnel and others who are experts in ICT operations. These professionals are helping to solve the issues of companies with various concerns in ICT fields in such areas as general corporate administration and information systems for clients that include system integrators, major communications carriers, and mobile phone sales companies.