Disclosure policy

  • 1.
    Basic Philosophy
    Fuyo General Lease Co., Ltd., ("the Company") shall disclose information regarding its management strategies, financial condition, and other relevant matters in a fair and timely manner to facilitate accurate understanding and evaluation of the Company by shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders.
  • 2.
    Disclosure Standards
    In addition to disclosing information mandated by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and other applicable laws (collectively referred to below as "Applicable Laws") and Tokyo Stock Exchange rules ("TSE Timely Disclosure Rules"), the Company shall voluntarily and proactively disclose information that it deems to be of value to shareholders and investors.
  • 3.
    Disclosure Methods
    In disclosing information pursuant to Applicable Laws or the TSE Timely Disclosure Rules, the Company shall do so in the prescribed manner (e.g., by publishing the information in regulatory filings or transmitting it via the Tokyo Stock Exchange's TDnet information disclosure system). In voluntarily disclosing information beyond the purview of said Laws and Rules, the Company shall publish the information on its website.
  • 4.
    Forward Looking Statements
    Of information disclosed by the Company, forecasts and other forward-looking statements are based on the Company's judgment and derived from information available as of the disclosure date. These forward-looking statements involve risk or uncertainty. Actual results may differ from previous forward-looking statements due to changes in economic or market conditions or other such factors.
  • 5.
    Nonpublic Material Information
    In responding to inquiries and presenting information at events that the Company hosts or participates in, the Company shall limit its responses or explanations to already disclosed or public information, and/or information about the Company's general business environment. In such instances, the Company shall not mention any nonpublic material information.
  • 6.
    Quiet Periods
    To ensure fair disclosure, the Company shall observe a "quiet period" from the day following the end of any accounting period (including quarterly accounting periods) until it publicly reports its operating results for that accounting period. During quiet periods, the Company shall refrain from answering questions or otherwise commenting about its operating performance. However, if an event occurs that is required to be disclosed by Applicable Laws or TSE Timely Disclosure Rules, the Company shall appropriately disclose the relevant information even during a quiet period.
  • 7.
    Other Disclaimers
    Users of information on the Company's website are advised to read not only this disclosure policy but the disclaimers published elsewhere on the site.