Creating Time for New Value Creation

Creating Time for New Value Creation in Business

Editing a company’s message into a video format and transmitting it online helps to drastically reduce communication costs and significantly improve productivity.
Human Centrix provides video production solutions for business use.

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Videos contain a large amount of information compared to text or static images, which is why the market is becoming aware of streamlining of operational processes through the use of videos.
Human Centrix, a member of the Group, provides a service designed to create time for our customers' value creation. Our new solution to enhance operational efficiency supports our customers’ DX efforts.

Value Creation through Video Production and Transmission Service

Values Generated by Human Centrix

We solve the various managerial issues faced by companies through video (digitalization) and transmission (going online).
Through the use of video and transmission, we support reductions to communication costs and improvements to productivity.

Human Centrix

Human Centrix Chief Executive Officer Kanji Nakamura

  • We provide both production and distribution, breaking through industry conventions (outsourcing) by offering a one-stop service.
    → We provide videos of uniform quality with short delivery times using our know-how backed by a track record of over 50,000 video productions.
  • Based on the concept of “easy to understand,” we create videos that are highly practical and accurately reflect the customer's issues.
    → Videos are capable of conveying a large amount of information, and are optimal for improving complex operational processes.
Creating time to create value for our customers means efficiently communicating standardized information to many people, improving convenience, and realizing further operational efficiency with reduced time and costs. be. For this reason, we provide services to our customers in two ways: outside the company and inside the company. For external parties, we will reduce operating costs for IR and shareholder meetings, make oral and text explanations easier to understand, standardize the content of sales tool explanations, improve appeal, improve product image, and increase customer satisfaction. We are making improvements. Internally, we will improve the appeal of recruitment and training to the digital native generation, communicate the reality and reduce the gap after joining the company, improve proficiency through in-house manual training, reduce response to inquiries, and reduce operational costs such as group training. We are making reductions.

A service lineup for handling diverse needs

Service lineup that meets a wide variety of needs [Video production] Products and services Branding Promotion Company introduction/facility information Exhibition Seminar IR Recruitment Education and training Presentation Introduction case interview How to/manual [SPO (Studio Process Outsourcing) service] Customer availability This is an in-house production support service that creates a digital studio in a space with highly specialized staff on hand to carry out planning, filming, editing, and distribution from the same perspective as the customer. [Video distribution] Online seminar Video distribution platform Video catalog service Online seminar room

Services are being utilized for a variety of applications, such as for customers or for in-house use
Case studies of service introduction

Marubeni Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Marubeni Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Administration Department Hiring Representative

We were introduced to Human Centrix and received a proposal as we were in the middle of considering renewing our video for company introduction sessions targeting new graduates on the occasion of moving our headquarters in October 2022.
From the stage when I initially heard their presentation, I felt that they would be able to put together a video that would vividly capture our company’s appeal and our workplace environment, and we decided to proactively consider their proposal.
Amid a tight schedule, the process from meeting to filming went smoothly, which resulting in the delivery of a stylish and impactful video that I was satisfied with.


General Manager of Sales Promotion Department Tsuyoshi Miyamoto

For customers living in all-electrified housing, a video was produced that advertises the benefits of city gas in an aim to propose a switch to city gas.
At Human Centrix, everything from video planning to production is internalized, so they responded quickly, and the video was made just as we had envisioned in a short time frame.
Additionally, we sought to increase viewership by attaching a QR code* for the video to fliers left in customers’ mailboxes, which I strongly feel has led to an increase in opportunities stemming from the video.

  • *
    QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.
Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd.

Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd.
General Manager of North America Business Department, Global Housing,
Construction and Real Estate Division
Yujiro Yoshizawa

A subsidiary (SFC ASSET MANAGEMENT) under our department’s jurisdiction received an internal company award, so I requested the production of a business introduction video that would be screened at the award ceremony.
During this special occasion attended by executives and employees of each Group company, I felt that we were able to promote the initiatives of the subsidiary and our division to the attendees in a way that was incredibly easy to understand.
By outsourcing the video production, I avoided burdening my subordinates with work outside of their specialized areas, and was able to make a high-quality video just like I had pictured, so I am satisfied.

Solving Customer Issues

From Executive Officers in Charge of Sales

Managing Executive Officer in charge of Western Japan Area Hitoshi Nitami

Our sales representative accurately assessed the environmental changes in Hiroshima Gas’ sales promotions, and were able to bridge that assessment to a service proposal matched to their needs.
Every day, we roleplay in presentations that imagine interactions between young sales representatives and customers. We envision various scenarios and conduct research so that we can make the best proposals.
I will support the efforts of young employees so that they can improve themselves and become partners trusted by customers.

From Executive Officers in Charge of Sales

Managing Executive Officer in charge of Tokyo Metropolitan Area Keiichi Kawabata

In response to the inquiry from the Sumitomo Forestry Group, our sales representative collaborated with Human Centrix and was able to propose an optimal service.
We aim to become a trusted partner by proposing optimal solutions while always addressing customers’ concerns from their perspective.
We will do our best to develop independent human resources who can envision scenarios on their own and help our customers to solve their problems.