Creating Reassurance about Health and Welfare

Creating Reassurance about Health and Welfare through Business Support for Regional Medical Institutions

Creation of a Healthcare Fund Specializing in the Tohoku region Creating Reassurance for People’s Health and Welfare through Financing and Business Support for Regional Medical Institutions

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The Fuyo Lease Group, The 77 Bank, Ltd. and Nihon Keiei Group pooled their respective expertise and resources, and established the Tohoku Healthcare Support Co., Ltd. on April 6, 2023, to operate Japan’s first fund specializing in local communities, and on April 28, 2023, formed the Tohoku Healthcare Support No.1 Fund for the healthcare field in the Tohoku region to provide optimal solutions to the various management issues confronting medical and nursing care providers in regional areas.

A Scheme to Achieve Stakeholder Value Creation

The Fuyo Lease Group not only provides financial support through the fund, we also offer full Fuyo Lease platform services owned by the Group and help medical care providers to solve management issues.
Provision of reassurance through the maintenance and expansion of the regional medical care base, solution of management issues for operators and acquisition of new earning opportunities for the Fuyo Lease Group make it an initiative that brings new value to all stakeholders.

For medical and nursing care providers in the Tohoku region, issues facing the Tohoku region include the decline in the working-age population and the aging of the population. Examples include replacement. In response, we are working with the 77 Bank Group, which not only provides financial support through funds, but also financial services and various services utilizing the 77 Group's network, and the Japan Management Group, which has management consulting know-how, to develop healthcare-related products and services. Through the Motsu Fuyo Lease Group, we support medical professionals in resolving their management issues. The Fuyo Lease Platform, owned by the Fuyo Lease Group, provides finance and business support and provides one-stop products and services from group and alliance partners. The management solutions division includes Sanamedi (formerly Japan Medical Device Development Organization) and CB Holdings JSH. In the equipment and facilities division, we have alliance partners for WorkVision's electronic medical records, iPad medical examination and document system management. The finance (including facility ownership) division includes Fuyo Lease Accretive's medical treatment/nursing care fee/receivables factoring, and healthcare BPO. The removal, transportation, disposal, and used equipment purchase and sales departments include FGL Circular Network FUJITA's used medical equipment purchase and leftover disposal. The BPO/Energy Saving/Amenity Department coordinates the in-hospital web communication environment for invoices, and manages communication and utility billing. There are group companies and alliances under every department.

Vision of Value Creation and Non-Financial Targets

We will deliver reassurance by ensuring health and welfare through solutions that resolve the management issues faced by medical welfare providers.
By tackling this as a key issue, we will contribute to the sustainable realization of a prosperous society and a healthy life for all people.

Finance that contributes to management support in the medical and welfare market, which is a non-financial goal *The operating fund balance of FPS Medical (Factoring of Accretive's medical examination and nursing care fee receivables, etc.) and finance related to business succession is 233 as of March 2022. It was 100 million yen. The actual result in March 2023 is 21.7 billion yen, and the target for March 2027 is 56 billion yen.

From Customers and Society

We would like to utilize the Fuyo Lease Group's extensive knowledge and wide range of solution menus to face the healthcare issues faced by the community and be close to our customers.

The 77 Bank, Ltd.

The 77 Bank, Ltd.
General Manager, Consulting Promotion Division
(currently General Manager, General Planning & Coordination Division)
Shigeru Tanabe

When we launched this fund, we were attracted by the Fuyo Lease Platform Concept, which was able to provide for a varied selection of solutions tailored to the situations faced by healthcare providers. So, we approached Fuyo Lease as a business partner that could share our philosophy.
Setting up a fund with three companies jointly investing was the first time our bank had done such a thing, but when Fuyo Lease provided with a detailed and speedy explanation of the values and such things as its wealth of knowledge and expertise it could provide, explanations inside the bank were smoothly organized.
Population decline and the progression of the aging of society are social issues shared throughout Japan. We will cooperate with the Fuyo Lease Group to make this initiative a model case and leading indicator for all of Japan, and help to create or revitalize local communities.

Sales Divisions and Dedicated Divisions Collaborated to Provide Value to Customers and Society

The Fuyo Lease Group provides solutions through collaboration between sales representatives in charge of major companies and areas, who deepen their understanding of needs through relationships of trust with customers, and dedicated divisions, support divisions and Group companies, who constantly think of new ideas and propose solutions. Developing people who are capable of providing these types of services is the source of the cherished value creation of the Fuyo Lease Group.

From Person in Charge, Dedicated Divisions (Solution Provision)

Deputy General Manager, Healthcare Advisory & Business Division
Hiroyuki Hyodo

This was the first time Fuyo Lease had been involved in investment in a fund operating company, and with the cooperation of everyone inside and outside of the Company, we cleared issues one by one and made it through to closing. The Tohoku Branch also build a relationship of deep trust with The 77 Bank, and even though the situation was always changing, we were able to respond smoothly.
Leveraging the knowledge gained from operating a fund specializing in local communities, we will expand and provide a selection of solutions for problems facing business operators in response to a super-aging society.

From Person in Charge of Sales in Tohoku Area

Deputy General Manager, Tohoku Branch
Osamu Hatakeyama

In 2018, after considering the significance of the Tohoku Branch and the sales strategy of establishing relationships with local financial institutions, we formed the internal project team, Team Tohoku, in conjunction with Group companies and the dedicated divisions in the head office.
To be a business partner in regional financial institutions’ efforts to create local communities, we needed to build grass-roots relations, gains customers’ trust and always put ourselves in customers’ situations and think about what we could do for them.
We don’t want to stop at just this initiative, but join those from regional financial institutions that share the philosophy of creating local communities and continue to work to solve social issues.

From Officer in Charge of Sales

Managing Executive Officer, East Japan & Chubu Area Officer
Takeshi Kodaira

I feel that the key point in concluding this project was the multi-layered relationships built up between members of the sales divisions, dedicated divisions, support divisions and Group companies.
I expect that the successful experience this time will lead to many realizations among employees responsible for sales and that will connect to further growth. We want to provide environments that encourage people to continue to take on challenges, "Go Where No One Has Gone Before," and support employees’ further growth.
Last year, the Fuyo Lease Tohoku Branch celebrated its 50th anniversary of opening. Gathering the resources of the Fuyo Lease Group, rooting ourselves in the local community and continuing to turn our attention to issues facing communities, we will help to energize creation of local communities and other communities.